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Episode 16: The History of Classic Arcade Games – Part 1

January 24, 2017

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Today’s Discussion:

The Year:1978

The Topic: Classic Arcade Games Part One

Grab a handful of quarters for this special two-part series on the history of video games creation; from the earliest days of electronic gaming through the golden age of 1980s classics from Pinball to Tron.

We get rather explicit into describing the complexities and technicalities of how arcade games became a thing and the brilliant minds behind them. Follow us through the twists and turns of arcade creation.

Awesome Show Quote:

“Pong has a special place in my heart and memories.”

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  1. Ben Zari says:

    Fun fact! Nolan Bushnell was also the inventor of the modern validator. Better known as “the thing that can tell if it’s a quarter, or a metal slug”.

    Pong was SO popular that he was getting fake quarters. So to combat that, he created the technology to detect the difference between the two.

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