28 MIN

Episode 18: The Universe’s Largest Ear Worm

January 31, 2017

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Today’s Discussion:

How does sound travel to the brain? Today is a rather in depth discussion of aural arousal, and how it affects us. There is biology involved, you may learn new words, and it is awesome.

What are the benefits of music? Music makes happy. We discuss how, why, and the effects it has on the mind regarding productivity, sleep, and mood.

How big is big in this big ol’ universe? Because we are well rounded, we touch on both the philosophical and scientific aspect of our beautiful mysterious universe.

Frag List! After all that science stuff, we end with some lighter topics involving James Bond, Casablanca, and the beloved Bernstain Bears.

Here there be answers.

Awesome Show Quote:

“I creepily climbed on into your ears and, subsequently your brain, and…well how do podcasts affect you?”

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