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Episode 28: We All Gotta Go Sometime

March 10, 2017

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Today’s Discussion:

BoomKnow is taking you on a transcending journey today–the trip of death! We are going to learn more about the famous Egyptian burial ritual of mummification. Also,  that the Greeks were willing to go against the burial grain and do their own thing. Also, the practice of cannibalism was a thing in death rituals in several tribes for thousands of years.

After our spectacular history lesson, we are embarking on the glamorous process that our body goes through when it experiences death. From the point where the heart actually stops, to the excretion of our bowels, to full on organ liquefaction. Ew and yay and also ew again! Join us!

Awesome Show Quote:

“In contrast to this notion of going without muss, fuss, or expense, my dragon-riding monument sounds pretty f’n sweet.”

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